You can use employee dashboard to stay on top of everything availability- and bookings-related. Click on Dashboard in the top bar menu.

On the top of the page you can see a summary showing:

  • your custom fields, assigned by your managers. 
  • your organization, if you’re a member of multiple organizations you can switch between them here. 
  • number of hours tracked this month. Hover over this value to see the estimated time of future time entries (based on your bookings). 
  • vacation days planned for this month
  • bank holidays this month

Below, you can see a summary of the current week, My week. It summarizes the bookings and time entries recorded this week for all of your projects.

Next, you can check My team’s schedule. It’s useful when you have more people working on the same project because you can see their bookings, hourly availability and vacations here. 

At the bottom of the page you can see your Notifications inbox. Here, you can check the status of all of your requests. 

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