Teamdeck is a resource scheduling tool, which means your managers are able to book you for different projects. In order for the bookings to be precise, your availability needs to be defined. When you work full time, only the vacations need to be taken into account (and you can go to the next article to learn about requesting days off). For part-time employees, however, the daily availability varies, so it’s best when it’s defined in advance. 

Note: Managing daily availability is only possible if you’re set as a part-time employee in Teamdeck. Contact your manager if you think you should be able to specify your hourly availability.

Go to the Calendar section from the top menu bar. Availability periods will be displayed as grey blocks in the Availability row. 

When you hover over an availability you can see a few elements: 

  • Status can be Pending or Accepted, see more on that below. 
  • View more opens a drawer with detailed info about this availability (also available by clicking on an availability).
  • Trash bin icon is where you can click if you want to delete this availability.

You can add new availabilities right from the Calendar. Hover over a chosen date and click the plus icon that appears on hover. A drawer will appear where you can add more info about your availability. 

The content on the drawer will be slightly different, depending whether you’re adding your availability within the min. advance period. You can add your hourly availability whenever you want. However, your organization’s owner might have set a deadline for changing availability freely. It could be 3 days before a given day or even two weeks. You’re still able to add or edit your availability but your managers will have to accept it before it’s officially changed in the schedule. 

Your form will have a new field called send request to where you can specify which manager should receive your availability request. You need to click on send request to save this availability and send a request. 

Until it’s accepted by a manager, your availability will have the Pending status. 

If you’re adding your availability within the min. advance period you don’t need to ask your managers: you simply specify your daily availability for that day (you can provide several time slots) and click save.

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