In Settings > Organization you can configure a couple of details related to your team’s working time:

  • Max. booking time - you can set a limit here to make sure the daily bookings don’t exceed a certain amount of hours. If you leave it at 24 hours, your team members will be able to be booked for any number of hours per day. 
  • Working time - here, you can specify which days you work on. This input will help us customize your schedule & timesheet to reflect your working patterns. For each day you can set your organization’s standard number of working hours. This will allow teamdeck to calculate your team’s utilization.

Next, you can configure settings related to your part-time employees. In teamdeck, part-time team members can specify their exact availability for each day so that you know when to expect them at work. 

(If you only have full-time team members, you can pass this step. These settings can be edited anytime, so you can come back here later.)

  • Max. availability time - the maximum amount of hours your employees can spend working each day. 
  • Editing user’s availability: min. advance period - when your part-time employees edit their availability after a certain deadline, they also send you (and other managers if you have them in your organization) a request that has to be accepted or rejected. Here, you can specify the deadline, after which all availability changes have to be accepted by the managers. It can be 1 day before a given date or up to 14 days. 
  • Work day begins no earlier than - you can set the earliest time that your part-timers can start working at. Work day ends no later than - you can set the latest time that your part-timers should stop working. Please note that teamdeck operates in the timezone provided for the whole organization (step 4). If your team members work in other time zones, they need to alter their availability periods hours. 

Finally, you need to decide whether you want to allow for weekend booking (this option is disabled by default and you can activate it by switching it on) and add an avatar to your organization.

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