You can access your Calendar by clicking on it from the top menu.

By default, the Calendar is where all of your resources are listed (both team members and basic resources). You can see them on the left side of the screen. There are the following default sections assigned to each of your resources:

  • Bookings
  • Time entries
  • Availability
  • Vacations
  • B/A - Bookings/Availability
  • T/A - Timesheets/Availability

Weekends and bank holidays are greyed out on the Calendar. 

You can navigate through the Calendar using arrows next to the current date on the top of your Calendar or by dragging the date section.

Every element on the Calendar can be added by clicking on a selected day and dragging until you reach the desired length of your booking/time entry/availability/vacation. A drawer will appear allowing you to enter details. 

Learn how to manage different elements of the Calendar:

You can hover over the B/A (Bookings/Availability) and T/A (Timesheets/Availability) bars to see how much is on your team’s plate. Solid grey bar shows that someone is fully booked (or, in the case of T/A, has tracked the equivalent of their availability). White means that there is some time left in your team member’s schedule, or that they have tracked less time than they’d been available for. Red color signifies that someone is overbooked or that they’ve logged overtime.

Customize and filter your calendar view

Since you may not need all information available in the default Calendar view, there is an option of creating custom views and filtering the list. 

In order to edit the default view click on the pencil icon at the top of the left side bar. If you want to add a new custom view, click on new view

A drawer will appear where you can edit everything about your views. Change the name, filter people or projects, choose which elements should be visible and change their order on the Calendar. 

Click add filters to:

  • filter people available in a given period (click Availability),
  • filter bookings with selected tags (click Tags),
  • filter people using custom fields (click on the custom field you want to filter your resources/projects by). 

When you’re done, click save view

Export the data

You can export the schedule (bookings) and timesheets from your calendar by clicking on the cloud icon at the top right corner of your Calendar.

Access the calendar from your phone 

You can browse the calendar on mobile devices, using Teamdeck’s mobile app. It’s available for iOS and Android: read more about its features here.

Watch the explainer video here.

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